Happy 8 Month Nurse-a-versary and An Honest Review of Simple Wishes B3

Posted on June 9, 2014 in Fresh Picked Words, Media, Recent

Happy 8 Month Nurse-a-versary and An Honest Review of Simple Wishes B3

First things first.

Happy (almost) 8-Month Nurse-a-versary to me (and Sophia!)


Let’s rewind to last summer so I can give credit to where it is due – at the very beginning. I was frantically searching for all my pumping necessities to embark upon my breastfeeding journey. I was nearly 8 months pregnant and felt like I had weekly conversations with my insurance company to try and wrangle my “dream pump.” You may remember my post on TheBump about my experience.

Well, long story short, I ended up speaking with one of the founders of Pumping Essentials, Joy Kosak, on the above write up and quickly aborted those plans. I was so impressed by the Pumping Essentials brand that I immediately signed up to get my Medela Pump In Style through them. It was such a breeze and I was able to get my pump within days rather than sitting on a waiting list to (maybe) get a pump by the time my daughter arrived. Which brings me to the present day. I’m now a Mom to an almost 8-month old little girl, Sophia. My breastfeeding journey has been extremely successful thanks to all the tools that have helped me keep my supply up. I am truly blessed to have only experienced some minor hiccups along the way. My body has been blessed to provide and nourish my healthy baby – because breastmilk is best!

Now, let’s talk about my tools of the trade…

Pumping Essentials has a sister company, Simple Wishes. Well, along with my pump I received my first D*Lite Hands Free Pumping Bra from them. While I was a big fan of this hands free bra, I couldn’t imagine it being able to be outdone. But, it was. Simple Wishes has done it again and surpassed my standards. I was asked to try out their new B3 All-In-One Bra; and wow, that’s all I can say!


Let me begin the review by first saying this. I have never ever, I mean EVER, had a nursing bra support me as well as this bra does. I’m so excited to share with you my experience with this new bra. Certain clothing can make life so much easier when you are nursing a baby or pumping. Support is very important and some stretch is key in clothing to accommodate the swelling of the breast. This bra does not have underwire, but has an integrated ribcage expander to “grow” with you. This bra offers the dual ability to not only nurse your child, but also pump at the same time.


They call it the B3 for a reason – breastfeed and breastpump beautifully (b3!) The material is smooth, yet stretchy (spandex/nylon blend) to mold to your body and allow comfort for all-day wear. Yes, all-day wear! You don’t have to change in and out of your pumping bra just to pump. In my case, I pump three times at work and am able to continue to work whilst wearing the B3.

Simple Wishes B3 Office

You can choose from four colors – Natural/Blush, Black, Gray, and Nude and it accommodates up to a 46DD. Before I received the B3, I had to change from my everyday nursing bra into a pumping-specific bra for my 15-20 minute session. With the B3 I don’t have to waste time changing in and out of clothing.

My verdict?
The B3 truly gives me the best silhouette in clothing, is multi-functional (you can wear it several ways – halter, criss-cross, etc), and is pretty and practical! This is an absolute breastfeeding MUST HAVE! The best part of all? This bra works with ANY and EVERY breast pump. Also, did I mention the fabrics are toxin-free, breathe easily and extremely durable? I have washed the bra several times and it still holds true. It is worth every penny.
Disclaimer: I was given a nursing bra to test, at no cost. All opinions are my own. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.